Jan 31, 2014

The Kicks Farewell

Dearest friends,

For the past six years we have been on one of the greatest journeys of our lives. We started a rock band in the basement of the dingy house where we lived. We had dreams and aspirations that we were going to see the world and play music. So that’s what we did. We wrote songs, practiced until our hands bled and toured until we forgot what our beds felt like. It has been nothing short of an amazing ride and we are all blessed to have shared it with each other, four best friends.

And now, that journey will come to an end.

After living through the many highs and lows of being in a rock band, one of the things the band taught us is that life is not about money, success or popularity… it is about being passionate about life and the world where we live. It taught us to be dreamers and it taught us something about the subtle profoundness of contentment and the love of those around us.

You see… we are thankful for YOU. If you are reading this, it is probably because in some way or another you have played a role in our lives as individuals and in the life of the band. Our friends, fans and family are the emotional, spiritual, and literal reason we are able to pursue and live out our dreams. None of this journey would have been possible if it weren’t for you. We are truly honored to have you in our lives.

Please understand, this break up is not the product of drugs, sex and money, or too many egos fighting to occupy the same green room. Simply, the end of this chapter has come and it’s time to begin anew, a time for us to step away and put our efforts and energy elsewhere and in other endeavors.

From the road to the recording room, flat tires and frozen highways, main stages to mini stages, This Feeling to Big Star, broken guitar strings, bloody fingers, no sleep, sleeping at the wheel, fans in Florida, fans in France, pizza to filet mignon, wrong notes to the perfect chord, top to bottom, start to finish, we have loved this band. And we love all of you.

We have decided to close this chapter of our lives by playing one last show with our closest friends. The show will be on March 22, 2014 at Exit/In in Nashville, TN. There is no need to purchase tickets because it will be completely free.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

See you soon….

The Kicks

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Oct 2, 2013

Fall Tour Dates


Click over to the SHOWS page and see where we’ll be playing this fall.  These shows are going to rule, so tis the season to make your way out to see The Kicks.


Aug 29, 2013

Panorama Activity

Nashville has a cool record store called Grimey’s.  One of the things they do there is host in-store acoustic performances, usually in the early evening.  Sometimes it’s for out of town bands to promote their club show that night or the next day, sometimes it’s for an album release party.

A couple evenings ago I went down to help celebrate a friends bands CD release.  They’d been on a major label for several years but they’d split from the label and this was their first independent release.

I’m not a perpetually late person, in fact I value punctuality, but I was a bit late to the show.  Nashville traffic is getting worse. 

I took my deserved place at the very back of the room and could barely see the humans playing music.  But I was there more for the good-game-pat-on-the-rear I was gonna give my friend afterwards than for a golden front row seat.

A few songs in I was faced with an all too common situation.  A guy, standing on a chair to the side of the room decided he wanted to document this experience with a panoramic photo with his iPhone.

Am I gonna be in his picture? Yep, I’m gonna be in his picture. Is he gonna post it on Facebook or Instagram?  Wonder how many followers he has?  How do I look? Is this shirt stupid? Should I just take my shirt off? 

Why should I even have to be in this guys photo?  Shouldn’t I have to sign a waiver?  Should I confront him? Politely? What if a friend sees the picture on the internet and gets mad cause I didn’t invite them to the party?  Is everything ok in my life that I am ok with this picture?

In the end, I made my bold stand by putting my head down as his steady hand passed my way.  I think I really drove home an important lesson he’ll hold onto for a while.



Aug 2, 2013

Watch The Kicks on 102.9 The Buzz

Radio isn’t usually a visual sport.  But the folks at 102.9 The Buzz are a slam dunk operation and knocked it out of the park by hauling the camera crew along.  And they did a gold medal job, a real olympic level operation they have going there.  Zigz is a regular Bob Costas.

This interview is more of a marathon than a sprint.  There’s no knock out punch in 6 secs, like Vine, or when Rocky fights Mr. T for the first time.  You’ve gotta commit to it, like Rocky eventually did.  You will become the human you always wanted to be after flexing your will power over this grueling 9min interview.  Like trainer Mickey said “You’re gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder”.  

I guess that’s really want I’ve been trying to say all along….maybe even all my life.  Enjoy the interview.

The Kicks 


Jul 16, 2013

Nashville Dancin'


Join us here in Nashville on Thursday night July 25th downtown on the river for FREE at Nashville Dancin.  Gates are at 5pm and there will great music all night, capped off by none other than the light rocker of the south himself, Edwin McCain.

For more info check out

See you there.


Jun 26, 2013

1984 Music Video

Our official music video for 1984.  If you’ve come out to see The Kicks since the release of Tonight Changes Everything, you might find yourself in a frame or two.  The video was shot at Exit/In, Variety Playhouse, Bijou Theatre, Smith’s Olde Bar and The Orange Peel.  

A huge thanks to Grant Howard for making all of this come together along with Austin Gros and Ryan Bernal.

Download 1984 and the rest of Tonight Changes Everything for FREE for a limited time on the right side of our website.———-> 


May 22, 2013

Atlantic Station's Friday Night Live // FREE


Atlanta! The Kicks will be headlining Friday Night Live at Atlantic Station on May 31st.  This kicks off the FREE outdoor summer concert series held each month at Atlantic Station.  Show starts at 7pm, so come down and do your shopping, get some dinner, and rock n roll with us in your sassy summer style.

The Kicks


May 20, 2013

Springtime Tour Notes


From the end of February through May it’s been a fantastic season of shows.  From New York to Florida, Texas to Minnesota, the last few months have given us some awesome stories and a bunch of new friends.

Here are some things…

-had extra day off in Chicago due to blizzards in St. Louis
-Bone Thugs N Harmony were playing in the other room at HOB Dallas
-ate amazing meatballs in NYC 
-played on the student union lawn at U of Minn, where my (Gabe’s) mom used to hang out in college
-Miguel is a better dancer than Jordan, but not by much
-played on a cruise boat
-SXSW is always a fantastical mystery box of events. See the post
-installed 1000 watts of power in our van…can I get a microwave up in here? 
-one flat tire (go follow us on Vine to see that one)
-one fan dancing into Adam’s microphone…one bloody lip
-nope, two bloody lips. Jordan ran into his own microphone in Columbia, it happens.
-a lot of excitement moving forward (ok, that was a true, yet generic thing to say, but the first eleven points were legit)

If you haven’t been out to a show this spring, here’s a bit of what you’ve missed. 

We’ll see you soon.


May 14, 2013

Learn To Play Guitar from The Kicks at


Have you been content playing Guitar Hero for the last six years but are finally getting tired of Sweet Child O’ Mine?? Well head over to each weeek and have Adam and Jordan give you REAL guitar lessons for FREE on how to play your favorite rock songs.

The Kicks


Apr 9, 2013

NBC Series Premiere Featuring Hawk Eyes


Well, at least this show claims that the candidates are, in fact, ready.  Tune in and hear Hawk Eyes!!  Hit the VIDEO tab and watch the video.  Hit other tabs to do other things!!

The Kicks